400L Electric Boosted Solar

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Model Number:
Tank Size:
Zone 1: 38
Zone 2: 41
Zone 3: 36
Zone 4: 32
Energy Supply:
Continuous Tarriff
Solar Panels:

Sunpro® Electric Boosted Solar 400L - Continuous Tariff

If you’re aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, choose a Sunpro solar water heater. Sunpro uses the sun’s energy to heat water via solar panels. Comes with an electric booster ensuring hot water on cloudy days or in times of high demand. Sunpro will save you money on energy bills, providing an economical, sustainable hot water solution for years to come.

  • Next generation split system design provides flexible installation locations without the need for expensive roof reinforcement
  • Multi-temperature sensors on a vitreous enamel tank configuration enable optimum solar gain while reducing the risk of overheating
  • High performance collectors ensure efficient transfer of heat to water
  • Patented Hotlogic® processor maximises energy from the sun
  • Mid height element boosting for hot water in times of low solar gain
  • Cyclone frame kit available for areas prone to high winds
  • Efficient, polyurethane insulated storage tank
  • Supplies mains pressure hot water
  • Suitable for 4 - 7 people
  • Also available in 250L and 315L tank sizes
  • Eligible for Small-scale technology certificates
  • 5-year tank and panel warranty, 1-year parts and labour*

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* Full warranty terms and conditions are in the products Owners Manual. Click Here for full details and conditions which apply.