Dux Hot Water Striving to be Australia's cleaner, greener hot water company.
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History of Dux Hot Water

Dux water heaters have been heating water for Australians since 1915, when the Middleton family decided on the name Dux, meaning best, for its new range of electric water heaters for showers and baths.

By 1940, their company, Dux Heaters Pty Limited, had developed its first instantaneous water heater, a ceramic unit. In 1960 it added copper roof tanks to its range, which then covered bath and shower heaters, instantaneous bath and shower heaters and instantaneous water heaters.

In 1964, Dux introduced its first mains pressure units to meet the needs of high-rise housing which was becoming increasingly popular.

The original Dux mains pressure units were galvanised. These were followed by the Dux Cusilmatic, made from a bronze and copper alloy. These units were replaced by steel tanks with copper lining, and then by ones with a glazed, vitreous enamel finish.

Dux is committed to high quality products and to the on-going development of new products. Since 1989, all design and manufacturing has been carried out at modern facilities in the New South Wales town of Moss Vale.

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