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Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

As of 1 January 2011 STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) are replacing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for all eligible Solar or Heat Pump hot water systems.

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) does not provide a rebate and is not a rebate-based scheme.

Each product in the Dux environmental range has been assigned a STC value, and each STC represents a saving of one megawatt of electricity generated from fossil fuels over 10 years.

Once you have had an eligible hot water system installed, you can assign the STCs to a registered agent in exchange for reimbursement or discount off the price of the system.

  • Systems must be installed before they can create STCs (Do not sign an STC Assignment Form until your system is installed.).
  • You must be the owner of the system at the time it is installed.
  • STCs must be registered within 12 months of the installation date of the SWH.
  • Dux Hot Water is a registered agent so therefore STCs can be claimed directly through us, contact us for more details 1300 365 116 or fill out the application form below.

    Changes to air source heat pump postcode zones and STC entitlements
    A fifth postcode zone has been established for air source heat pump water heaters (heat pumps) to better reflect the performance in cool climate and frost prone areas, for example Canberra and Hobart. This change takes affect as of 1 November 2012.

    Click here to find out which zone you're located in

    For more information or call Dux Hot Water on 1300 365 116

    Current STC point value $35 ex GST

    Heat pump Electric
    Gas 3 star
    Gas 5 star

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