Dux Hot Water Striving to be Australia's cleaner, greener hot water company.
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Australia is particularly vulnerable to climate change. As the world's highest per capita greenhouse gas polluter, climate change is an issue that's very close to home for all Australians. The Greenhouse Effect remains the most pressing ecological problem facing our planet. The CSIRO has warned that we face hotter and drier summers, more intense droughts and extreme weather events, less water for our cities, the loss of our snowfields - a vital water source - and the devastation of the Great Barrier Reef 1.

Minimising the consumption of fossil fuel generated energy is one of the most effective ways of reducing household greenhouse gas emissions. The average home using an electric hot water heater produces over 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. A similar home using a Dux Sunpro Solar Hot Water system or a Dux Airoheat heat pump hot water system can produce over 60% less!

1 Labor's 2020 target for a renewable energy future.

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