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Plumbers Give the New Dux Gas Water Heater 5 Stars

Gas water heaters have become increasingly popular because of their low running cost and ease of installation.

With the launch of the new Dux Prodigy 5 gas storage water heater range, plumbers have been singing the praises of the product.

Plumber, Doug Lambden of Albury- Wodonga Plumbing Service - one of Dux's dedicated ePlumbers, has been installing the Prodigy 5 gas water heater since its launch and is extremely pleased with the results.

Doug said, "The new Prodigy 5 gas water heater has a great footprint to fit existing gas storage units, making it an easy changeover from an old 3-star gas system to an energy efficient 5-star gas system. It thereby saves time on installations, as well as any associated costs to re-plumb, making it easier for the plumber.

"Homeowners also benefit greatly from this product. As a 5-star system, it delivers improved energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions and running costs. It's a simple installation and a great product. The 10 year warranty also means great peace of mind for customers," he added.

Neil Campbell from Eastern Plumbing Works is another plumber who has been installing the Prodigy 5 gas water heater and highly recommends the product.

He said, "The main reason we tried the new Dux Prodigy 5 gas water heater was the fact that it is the only 5 star rated gas hot water heating system on the market that is able to replace the same footprint of other 3-star gas storage units from a range of brands. From a plumber's point of view, this is fantastic as it allows for a quick, no fuss installation, and the system looks no different to a standard unit. "It's a great product to sell and recommend to customers, allowing them to easily upgrade from a 3-star unit to a 5-star unit. These benefits are also passed on to the homeowner. Not only are they reaping the benefits of a more efficient water heater with reduced hot water bills, they are also receiving mains pressure hot water and reduced installation costs. It's a win-win for everyone," Neil concluded.

Utilising an Australian patented design, the new Dux Prodigy 5 has been specifically designed with high efficiency in mind, making it the ideal hot water heater to replace existing tanks that are lower in efficiency when they fail. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Prodigy 5 dramatically reduces heat loss after the heating cycle, to maximise energy efficiency, and offers outstanding performance by delivering well over 2,000 litres of hot water in a 24 hour period (at a 45°C temperature rise).

The Prodigy 5 comes in two different tank sizes - either 135 or 170 litres, and is produced in natural gas or LPG options. These sizes, coupled with outstanding hot water delivery, mean plenty of hot water, supplied quickly and at mains pressure. This is in contrast to continuous flow hot water units that have varying flow rates based on the amount of heating required. For more information about the new Dux Prodigy 5 range, please visit www.5stargas.com.au

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