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Dux Releases Next Generation of Solar

Dux Hot Water has added an innovative new feature to its award winning range of environmental hot water heaters. The intelligent and patented Complete Panel Management (CPM) system is the newest feature to be added to the Dux Sunpro Electric and Gas Boosted solar water heater ranges. It provides complete frost protection in winter, removing the need for frost valves and making the system perfect for use in regions experiencing subzero conditions.

Not only protecting the system against frost, it also runs an overheating protection cycle when summer temperatures get too high, further protecting the system and offering year round protection.

Traditional closed circuit hot water systems which use a heat exchanger, are typically much harder to install and less energy efficient (as per STC rating) than open circuit equivalent hot water systems. The Complete Panel Management system now available on Dux Sunpro solar water heaters means the systems are still classified open circuit, maintain their STCs and ensure installation is as simple as previous open circuit models.

The new Dux Sunpro MP15 Gas Boosted Solar hot water system utilises this new CPM technology and delivers a number of key benefits including: outstanding energy efficiency, low running costs and carbon emissions, improved solar panel protection in extreme climates, minimal water wastage, mains pressure hot water supply and the cost savings and convenience of not having to upgrade the gas pipe, meaning an easier and less costly installation.

Traditional gas boosted solar systems use continuous flow boosting, which wastes water in the start-up cycle. In contrast, the new Sunpro® MP15 has a unique preboost feature, which heats the water in the top of the tank before it is needed and eradicates water wastage. The system can also provide a constant supply of hot water at mains pressure due to the unique preboost feature, unlike traditional continuous flow boosted models.

Of particular benefit to the installing plumber, is the quick recovery, low megajoule gas booster used on the MP15. At just 45 megajoules, the MP15 installation typically does not require a gas pipe upgrade when replacing an existing gas unit. This is in contrast to standard gas continuous boosted solar units which carry up to a 200 megajoule rating and require a larger gas pipe size to meet standards. For further information on the new Sunpro MP15 gas boosted solar water heater, please visit www.dux.com.au/MP15.

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